Maybe, the best place to start, is where I come from.

I was born in Paris, France.  My father is from Alsace, France, right on the German border.  My mom; she’s from New Jersey.  Yeah, it’s quite the mix, but I couldn’t have been luckier.

I grew up about an hour and a half outside of Paris, in the middle of nowhere in the countryside.  Along with my siblings, I spent a lot of my time running around the woods and the fields that went on for miles around our house.  Building forts in the woods, finding waterfalls, climbing trees.  All those adventurous things that kids should be doing when they are young.  After nine years of this, life had other plans in store for me.  We up and moved to Greece.

All of a sudden I went from living in the middle of the countryside where we could run around for miles to living in a suburb just outside of densely populated Athens.  It was quite the change but as a kid, I just remember being excited about this change.  We still ran around our neighborhood, climbing over walls into neighboring yards, going to the beach that was right down the street and taking hikes in the mountains outside the city.  This all just became a new adventure, which included learning the basics of a new language and navigating the intricacies of a new culture.  I loved all of it.  After only two short years came the next move.

Returning from a summer vacation visiting my grandmother in upstate New York, we decided to visit some family friends in the state of Maine, and… never went back to Greece.  My parents, bought a house, my father returned to Greece for a year and started sending our belongings over a couple of boxes at a time.  I was now, slowly but surely, settling into one of the most drastic changes of my life, Glyfada, Greece to Hampden, Maine.

Having to adapt to these drastic cultural changes at a young age has ingrained in me the love of travel, learning and solving personal challenges.  I went on to attend Unity College, where I met Steve, transfer to the Maine College of Art to earn an BFA in Photography, move to Spain to teach English for 4 years and then travel around Europe before settling back down in Portland, Maine for a great job at a company offering study abroad programs.

After all this, I’m itching for a lifestyle in which I can work enough to support myself but also tie this into a life of adventure and travel.  Steve and I are confident that we can build Arabella and make that life a reality.  Follow us and be a part of that adventure!