When most people ask us about Arabella, we see one question pop up over and over again.  "How's the boat building going?"

There is one often overlooked aspect of projects: Preparation.  At the moment, we are in the preparation stage, which is just as important as the building stage.  The better we prepare now, the better set up we will be for the building stage.

In order for us to make sure we are preparing adequately we have set ourselves a rough timeline of things that need to be done in the coming months.



  •  Purchased a used book called “Fifty Wooden Boats, a Catalog of Building Plans” The thought of building a world cruising sailboat takes hold.


  • Steve believes he can build a boat and unsuccessfully tries to convince Alix and 2 others to join him in this venture
  • This only strengthens Steve’s resolve
  • A friend purchases a portable sawmill, Steve harvests trees, borrows the milland makes a large pile of Red Oak, White Pine and Butternut boards.


  • Steve acquires a significant number of power tools that are useful for boat building
  • The wood yard and access road are cleared, lumber/firewood storage shed is built with lumber harvested and milled in 2014.
  • After countless hours of research a boat is chosen, Ingrid designed by William Atkin
  • Patreon is discovered, the plan is ironed out and Alix joins Steve in the building adventure.



  • The dark, dank prison cell like space in the back of the garage is renovated into a bright, warm and cozy wood shop using mostly recycled materials.
  • The plans for Ingrid (our future Arabella) are purchased
  • Video equipment is purchased, website and logo design begin


  • Website goes live
  • Finalize logo, print business cards and get merchandise printed
  • Lumber list is compiled
  • Logging winch is fabricated and tree harvesting begins!
  • Purchase 9,500lbs of scrap wheel weights


  • Sawmill comes, take one weeks vacation from work and sawmill round the clock.
  • Build lofting floor and start lofting plans
  • Put out first video and launch Patreon (fingers crossed!)


  • Finish lofting plans
  • Build a keel mold out of concrete
  • Build a smelter capable of containing 9,000+lbs of molten lead
  • Release second video, maybe a third if thing go well


  • Fire up the smelter, pour the ballast keel
  • Build the molds
  • Start framing the backbone timbers
  • Hopefully release two more videos


  • Erect the molds on the finished backbone.  It looks like a boat!!
  • Alix’s lease is up in Maine and we hope he does not have to renew it.  We would love for him to be able to work on making y’all some awesome videos of our project.
  • If Alix stays in Maine we will release 1, maybe 2 videos.  If we get enough support and he can go full time we would love to upload 4 videos.


Depends on you! If we have enough support we can go full time and give you all daily updates and weekly videos.  If we are still working full time then weekly updates and monthly videos.  

It’s all up to you!