I am a West Siberian Laika who originally hails from Norway.  I was born in a small town outside of Oslo and was a trouble maker from the start.  When I was a little puppy I was terribly behaved and my mom nipped off the last 1/3 of my tail, which is how I ended up in the USA living with Steve.  The man I was supposed to live with in Norway did not want a disfigured dog; Steve did not care so I went to live with him.

When I was 2 ½ months old my human and I made the trip from Norway to Massachusetts via Iceland.  I was crammed into a little crate, separated from Steve and tossed onto two different planes over a 13 hour period.  I had to pee so badly! But I held it for the entire flight, it felt so good to get out of the crate in Boston and relieve my little bladder.

I am now almost 5 years old and not as crazy as I once was.  Steve still calls me his “monster” or “wild man” and I doubt that will ever change.  I am happiest when I am with my human, in the mountains, on a river or flopped down by the wood stove.  So long as Steve is nearby I am content. 

My favorite activity is chasing furry woodland creatures!  I danced with my first moose when I was ten months old and my first bear when I was two.  I have fought coyotes and gone into caves to battle raccoons, I am pretty fearless, except for the vacuum cleaner.  That machine is terrifying!

I am excited for Arabella!  I hate it when Steve leaves me every day to go to work and I would love to travel.  Catching flying fish as they jump over the boat at night sounds fun; as does barking at dolphins.  I would love to visit my homeland but would prefer not fly there, one plane trip was enough!  I look forward to being with my human pretty much 24/7 and can’t wait to mark up the beautiful wood decks with my nails.