Get to Know us a Little


AKA – Super D., Steve-O

DOB- 5/3/85

Height- 5’8”

Weight- 128lbs dripping wet with shoes on

Education- Masters of Education

Home town- Granby Massachusetts

Tattoos- 1

Piercings- 0

Favorite food- Pie

Favorite book- My Side of the Mountain as a kid, anything by Steinbeck as an adult

Favorite TV show- How I Met Your Mother

Favorite Quote- “The Quitter” by Robert Service

Perfect Friday night- Massive home cooked dinner consisting of plants and animals from the farm, then drinks with friends around a fire or chasing furry woodland creatures with Akiva.

Photo credit: Stephen Denette


AKA- Gordo, The Great Gordini, The Frenchman

DOB- 11/17/85

Height- 5’9.5”

Weight- 150 lbs

Education- BFA Photography

Home town- Paris, France

Tattoos- 0

Piercings- 0

Favorite food- Thai

Favorite book- “Mr. Vertigo”, “100 Years of Solitude”

Favorite TV Show- I watch a few but not a fan of T.V.

Favorite quote-

Perfect Friday night- Cooking a good dinner with friends.  Add beers and a good game I'm happy.


AKA- Monster, Wild Man, Chevers

DOB- 4/14/11

Height- 24” to shoulder all 4 paws on the ground, 4’6” standing up

Weight- 55 lbs

Education- Steve and the world

Home town- Oslo, Norway

Tattoos- 0

Piercings- 0

Favorite food- Meat of any kind

Favorite book- Can’t read

Favorite TV Show- The squirrels that frequent the front yard

Favorite quote- “Go get em”

Perfect Friday night- Chasing furry woodland creatures, lying by the wood stove