Arabella will be a Colin Archer inspired, double ended ketch, designed by William Atkin, displacing 25,000 lbs and having berths for up to 5 people, but which can be sailed single handed. Measuring 37’6” on deck, with a 32’ waterline, and carrying 816 sq ft of sail. The frame will be built of White Oak, planked out of White Cedar and a White Pine deck.

Colin Archer was a famous Scottish naval architect and shipbuilder from Larvik Norway.  His designs were used primarily for fishing vessels on the North Sea and for polar expeditions. The boats were designed for efficient sailing and the ability to stay afloat in rough weather and big seas.  The Atkins are a legendary family of boat designers; they refined and tweaked Archer’s designs to create numerous double enders such as Thistle, Vixen and of course Ingrid.  Some of which are still afloat today, the original Vixen has made two circumnavigations of the world to date and is capable of many more.


Mr. Atkin said when describing Ingrid.

“The lines show a genuine redningskoite-life boat of the North Sea, as nearly perfect in form as any boat can be...

She has all the characteristics usually associated with seagoing ability. She is the kind of boat that behaves in rough water. She can be depended upon to sail herself. She is ableness personified and equal to any situation...

If you will build her just as shown you will have a sterling vessel and one in which you can go anywhere anytime”



William Atkin, Darien CT, 1934

Type- Blue water cruising yacht



Length of deck- 37’6” long

Length of waterline- 32’

Beam- 11’4”

Draft- 5’6”

Displacement- 25,000 lbs

Ballast- 12,000 lbs total.  9,000 lbs iron or lead keel plus 3,000 lbs internal ballast

Rigging and sails:

Rigging- Ketch

Sails- 816 square feet (jib 162, stay-sail 123, main, 346, mizzen 185)



Ceiling height- 6’+

Berths- 5

Galley/Kitchen- Sink, gas stove and oven, refrigerator, freezer

Head/Bathrooms- 1 with sink, shower and toilet


Frame- White Oak

Planking- Eastern White Cedar, White Oak and Black Locust

Decking- Eastern White Pine

Ceiling in cabin- Eastern White Pine or Eastern White Cedar

Flooring in cabin- Sugar Maple

Mast- Hollow, Eastern Spruce

Engine- 40hp diesel

Fuel capacity- 60 gallons