If people aren’t laughing at your goals, your goals are too small.
— Kai Greene

We have elicited a lot of laughs when we talk about our goal of bringing Arabella into this world and then traversing the globe on her. We have also been met with a healthy dose of skepticism, admiration and even envy.   It is audacious to say the least, the challenges are real, the journey will be long, but the rewards will be magnificent!

So what exactly are these two guys in Western Massachusetts attempting, nay doing?

We are building a 38’ wooden sailboat designed in 1934 by William Atkin.  Atkin calls this particular boat “Ingrid” but our vessel will be named “Arabella”, once built we intend to take her to the most far flung corners of the world.  We are documenting every aspect of the build as we go, we hope to inspire and educate people along the way and to experience as much of this wonderful world as possible in the process. 

When we say “build” we mean just that, from scratch, in our front yard, with our own two hands. Everything for Arabella will be sourced as locally as possible, this is very important to us. 99% of the lumber will be harvested from our property, the logs cut to length, any extra will become firewood to heat the melting pot, steam box and us.  The logs will get milled into boards on a small portable sawmill, the boards then will be shaped into a boat.  We need 12,000lbs of scrap lead for a ballast keel and we must build a melting pot, melt the lead and pour it into a mold we make.  There is a lot that goes into building a boat of this size!

That is the why and how, the when depends on you.

If we continue working full time and building part time we expect to take 8-10 years to build Arabella and we anticipate uploading one video per month showing the process and our progress.  That’s a long time!

If we can inspire you, convince you to follow along and help us out a little, then maybe, just maybe we can leave our jobs and build full time.  If we can go full time we are confident we can upload a video once a week, daily Facebook and Instagram posts, possibly even a Twitter feed and be sailing in 3 years instead of 8-10.  In a 5 year span you could watch trees become a boat, that boat cross oceans, and learn a heck of a lot along the way. 

We promise to keep y’all as up to date on our progress as possible, our mistakes and accomplishments, our highs and lows will all be documented and shared.  We are ecstatic to be on this journey and hope you will join us!  Arabella will be built, but you decide when.  

- Steve and Alix